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Jeff Web PhotoThis site is dedicated to my fans, family, and friends. These are the people that I hold dear to my heart which give me great inspiration to continue writing and playing the music I love. Jen Rankin, Brandon Rankin, Angelina Rankin, Brett Grittman, Cyd Crocket, Johnny Ortego, Dan Ortego, Lori (Little sis and family), William and Judy Rankin, Delia and Jon Cortez, AnthonySica, Mark Walker, Rob Rock, Liza Rock, Armand, Dace, Jill Sica, Scott (In the cornfields), Pablo and all at NASA, and all others that have supported me, thank you.

For Years, I have been working on new ideas trying to find my nitch in guitar playing and different ways of creating a vibrant accent in playing. With working out new ideas and finding my style, I have journeyed on a wonderful road with Anthony Sica and Mark Walker who complete my dream of playing in the band, Luna Dementia.

Luna Dementia was assembled in 2003 with admiration’s of touring and playing all over the world. The earlier stages of Luna Dementia was developed with the following members, Jeff Rankin (Lead and Rhythm Guitar), Anthony Sica (Vocals), Matt Hood (Rhythm Guitar), Chris Hood (Drums), Adam Mayberry (Bass), and Liza Rock (Keyboards). 

As we all know times change and new dreams come into fruition. The past members of Luna Dementia had moved on to different paths which have created a harmonious life for them. Their stories are wonderful which has brought them growth in families and occupations. I miss them and will always admire them for being a part of Luna Dementia.

In the year 2005 Anthony Sica and myself kept the train rolling. We tried some new ideas and took Luna in a different direction with a new drummer and bassist. Joel (Bass) and Toby (Drummer) played a great role on getting us to be on the edge of heavier styles of music. However, what we considered Luna Dementia to be was metamorphosing into something else. Anthony and myself did not believe this was where we wanted to take our music. We wanted to be melodic and memorable with our song writing.

At the end of 2005, Luna went on a temporary dismissal to pursue new dreams. Anthony Sica moved to New York to work on his solo material which is something he had talked of wanting to do and pursue. He got the opportunity to play a lot of famous clubs such as CBGB’s. With his stay in New York Anthony caught the eyes and ears of many people which created a large following for him.

During this time I went into writing a lot of solo material. I worked on developing my home studio and doing nothing but writing. I wrote in all different styles trying to just experiment with different forms of music. However my love for playing is in the style of metal with some great lyrical content and blistering drums.

Anthony and myself have always stayed in contact with each other discussing how our ventures and lives were going. In 2007 we rejoined back in Florida with a new relationship and new ideas for Luna Dementia. We knew what we wanted to do in the form of writing and how we wanted the music to come across to the audience that was listening to it. We recorded the album “Eclipse” which has gotten us a lot of great recognition and increased fan base.

During the finished recording of “Eclipse” we met a remarkable individual who goes by the name Mark Walker. This man was what Luna Dementia was looking for and was missing. He has a large heart for music and can play the drums like no one else. His ear for timing and the ability to write material has now completed our vision of Luna Dementia. He is our new brother in arms and the individual who provides the finishing touches of soul that we were needing. We have now completed our family with Luna Dementia consisting of three members, Anthony Sica (Bass and Lead Vocals), Jeff Rankin (All Guitars, Vocals, and Keys), and Mark Walker (Percussion and Vocals) .

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